Sunday, June 25, 2006

What a crappy weekend...

Yeah, the weekend wasn't so great. On Friday night I found out that my apartment was burglarized sometime during the week. I was looking to play Guitar Hero on the Playstation 2 and found out that it was missing along with all the games. My wife and I had received a note on our door that there have been some burglaries around the complex but we didn't realize until then that we had been hit too. We called the police and an officer came and took our information. The officer had already left when I saw a strand of gold chain lying on the floor our bedroom. My wife's jewelry boxes were ransacked too. Almost every piece of jewelry I bought my wife were gone except for the ones she had on. Also some opal jewelry from her grandparents and an egyptian cartouche necklace was gone. I think these are the only things missing. Unfortunately we can't even report the additional missing items until Monday when the sheriff's office opens since they are only open during the week.

What's even worse is that there were no signs of forced entry or anything so it might have been someone who had a copy of our keys. If so, then it's hard to trust anybody. We can't really leave our apartment, even with the alarm turned on. It's a terrible feeling being insecure about your own home.

I've been thinking about my reaction to this burglary and while I do want to get the stolen items back I think I'm really more concerned about the burglars being caught and receiving their punishment. I don't know if that's something weird or not. I want the burglars to know that they can't do things like that and get away with it. I don't really know what that says about me.

And then yesterday our oldest chinchilla was acting really lethargically, tossing and turning and unable to sllep. He would not eat anything, even his favourite treats. He seemed to want to curl up in a ball around his belly. We called the vet immediately but there were none open that were able to take him. Finally we found an emergency clinic that was able to check him out but unfortunately the vet did not really have much experience with chinchillas so he had to do a phone concult with a specialist. Two hours and $250 later we took him home with some medicine. I'm not entirely sure the medicine is working b/c he's still lethargic and won't eat. At least, he's able to sleep now. He's 18 years old so it's really worrying the both of us.

I hope everything turns out OK.

Anyway, here's a Wolverine I finished last night.


Anonymous you know who said...

It says you have a highly developed sense of justice and morality. :) xo

12:41 AM  

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