Friday, May 12, 2006

Random things and art

I haven't had the chance to update this blog lately due to lots of things related to art and school and having not much free time. In fact, I'm doing this art work right now. The last few weeks have just been crazily busy for me.

Last week my wife's family came down. Her mom, step-dad, step-sister, her sister's boyfriend, and her sister's baby came to visit from Pennsylvania. Only her mom and her sister's boyfriend have been down to Florida before and only her mom's ever been on a plane before. That was pretty cool and fun and seeing their reactions to seeing all the new things down here were great. It was especially cool to see her sister's baby, Cole, check out all the cool things here. He's only a year old but he's already so much fun. He had a blast at the parks. I'll post pics of him when I download them off the camera. He's awesome.

So that was a busy week. We went to the beach after they left last Saturday. That was pretty fun. Barb surprised me by getting a boogie board so I pretty much spent most of the time catching waves there. I got a major rash on my chest, though. Barb got a rash too so we think it's due to the boogie board somehow. It was weird. Barb also got a huge sunburn 'cause she spent a lot of time laying out on the sand. Her whole back's all red and sore. I told her she's not allowed to go anywhere anymore 'cause she hurts herself all the time.

I've done some art since last time too. Here they are.

I'll try to take the time to update this more often.


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