Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Lots o' Stuff

I haven't been able to post lately b/c I'm having internet problems at home. In fact, I can't get on at all so I'm actually doing this at work. Lots of things have happened in the past couple of weeks.

First off, my wife went horse riding a couple of weeks ago. She's a pretty good rider and had been riding for about 2 years when we lived in Buffalo. She had to stop when we moved to Florida, though, so she hadn't ridden a horse for about a year and a half. Anyway, she felt a little bit unsteady on the horse and when the horse hit a turn she inadvertently brought her heels up. This told the horse to run faster and so it did, throwing Barb off. She hit her back on a fence. Luckily, she was OK. I took her to the doctor and they found no broken bones, just bruised ones. She was out from work for a week, though, and still has some trouble getting around now.

Also, I had posted a Red Sonja picture I drew last year on Mike Oeming's messageboard. Apparently Mike showed the pic to some friends of his at Dynamite, the people who currently publish the Red Sonja comic. They got in touch with me and asked me to draw some samples for them.

Here are the pages.

Also, last week we had our first rainshower after a record period of dry weather. Unfortunately with the rain came lightning and thunderstorms. It also shorted out our phone line in our apartment as well as the modem for my computer. I bought a new modem and installed it expecting it to work but it still is giving me problems. I'll have to figure out why so until I do, I won't have net access at home.

There are some other things that I've been meaning to mention but I forget now.


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