Saturday, September 09, 2006

Pink Pieces...

This is going to be another busy weekend for me. Tomorrow I have to finish up on schoolwork for my Publication Design class that's been sitting around undone for the past few weeks because I've been spending all my time packing and moving. Hopefully I can get all my work done tomorrow. They're pretty much easy projects but I have a penchant for noodling with things way beyond the point when I should stop.

I'm going to Cocoa Beach on Sunday and staying at the new Ron Jon resort. I'm trying to take advantage of what's left of the summer to go have fun at the beach. Hopefully the weather will be good. Hey, if they have problems again with the shuttle tomorrow maybe I can see it launch on Sunday. 

Anyway, on with the art. Here are two pink hued things I've done recently. One is a Barbarian Warlord pic I drew for a "Draw My Character" thread on

I saw the basis of this other pic in an ad in Flaunt magazine. I was just taken with the model's pose and expression so I decided to base a piece on her.


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