Tuesday, February 27, 2007

After Megacon...

So, I had a great time at Megacon. It was my first year having a table there. I usually just walk around and visit artists and what have you but I thought there were definite pluses to having a table there. The main thing was that I didn't spend as much as I normally do. In fact, I actually made money with the sketches and sketchbooks I was selling. It was also fun to have an area to showcase your work. I had a great time talking to people who came out to check out my art. Meeting people and making contacts is fun.

Anyways, here are some art I've one since the last update.

A pic inspired by Mike Oeming's upcoming Mice Templar series. That book is going to ROCK!

2 pieces I drew for some kind of movie... pitch... thing. I threw in some marker grays just for kicks since I don't really do that all that much.


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