Sunday, May 04, 2008

Raiders of the Lost Cards...

A while back I posted a bunch of the sketch cards I did for Topps' Indiana Jones Heritage series. I wanted to post the rest at the time but I just didn't have the time to compile the scans. Now, here are all 205 of them.Click on each image for a larger size.

As you can see, I started out pretty well using ink and markers to sketch these out but soon found out that doing 205 cards in about three weeks during my spare time was waaay too much work for me. That's why I did the rest using pencil.I'll be better prepared next time.


Blogger Craig Zablo said...

205 cards in 3 weeks and they turned out THAT nice. Talk about talent! Bet you need a breather though. LOL!

10:38 PM  
Blogger RLS said...

Thanks Craig. I did these in the beginning of Jan. It took a couple of months for my back to feel better, though, after spending all that time sitting down while doing these. haha

9:59 AM  

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