Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Asterix'd in the Twart!

I posted my Asterix on Comic Twart.
As I said there, I've never read Asterix but I always knew I should have. I am glad Tom picked that as the week's topic b/c it finally gave me an excuse to get some volumes and start reading.

Uderzo is a hell of a cartoonist, I think we can all agree. It wasn't until I thought of Jack Davis that I could get a handle on my own take on the character. Uderzo's cartooning is so complete that if I tried to create an Uderzo "correct" version of the character it would look simply like I'm copying his art outright. At least this way I can contribute a slightly different spin on the guy, even if it isn't totally my own spin.

To the right is my prelim for this piece. As you can see, I changed the arms on both Asterix and Obelix--to both good and bad effect. You guys be the judge.

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